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The online 8 Hour Refresher courses for EEO Investigators, EEO Counselors and Mediators for 2017 are now available. Prices for 2017 will increase to $900 for the 32 hour courses and $300 for the 8 hour courses. Our first price increase since 2009. The new prices go into effect on February 1, 2017. Call us at 866-599-4330 if you have any questions.

Our online training courses meet and exceed the continuing education requirements for Equal Employment Opportunity Investigators, Counselors and Mediators. We also provide professional development training for government agencies, supervisors, EEO practitioners and employees.

The online 32 Hour New EEO Investigator and New EEO Counselor courses is the entry level training certification required by federal agencies and the EEOC. It is also provided to employees of state and local government agencies and higher education staff.

Human Resource and Professional Development courses for supervisors, managers and employees are also available. In 2017 our courses will be reviewed for continuing education credit for Human Resources professionals by HRCI.

In 2017 we will be offering training for Sexual Assault counselors and advocates, a workplace investigations course, workplace violence and workplace harassment.

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We have provided training for Equal Employment Opportunity professionals, managers and staff since 2009. We provide the 32 hour certification courses for new EEO Investigators and EEO Counselors and refresher training for Investigators, Counselors and Mediators. For 2017 we are offering workplace investigations training, sexual assault advocate training and EEO training for non-federal organizations.